And so the Adventure begins <3

Shooting a wedding day is so rewarding. I get to capture the love between two people starting a brand new adventure together. Here are a few of my favorite images from my 2016 weddings. I can’t thank each and every one of you enough. Thank you for trusting me to document your love. I absolutely love what I do and couldn’t do it without your support!


These details though…

What to Expect when you’re expecting.. A Newborn Session

A Parent Prep Guide to Newborn Photography

  1. Scheduling– First things first. Let me know before baby is here if you would like to schedule a session. That way I can put you on my calendar so the due date doesn’t creep up on me. Then shoot me an email after delivery so we can settle on a time. The best time to do a newborn shoot is within baby’s first 14 days. However, the sooner the better! If we can schedule within the first 7 days, that is preferred!


  1. It takes longer than you think- Expect the session to take 2-3 hours. Getting baby into a deep sleep is required for posing. So we need the extra time to cuddle, pose baby, sometimes feed, and soothe to sleep. So having patience is key! It may take us a while to get baby relaxed and into the position we want. I have seen parents get frustrated when baby is fussy and we’re over an hour into the session with no photos taken yet. Feel free to sit back and relax while I care for baby; get them to sleep, etc.!


  1. Pre-session-There are a couple things you can do before baby’s session to prepare them. I recommend that you do whatever it takes to make sure baby is nice and exhausted. For example, try to keep them awake in the hours before the session so that they’ll be tired when they get to me. Keeping your little one awake on top of your own sleep deprivation might feel like torture, but it’ll be worth it in the end. 🙂


  1. Pre-session-A well-fed baby is a happy baby! Please feed baby right before our session to ensure a happy, sleepy (“milk drunk”) baby. We may need to take breaks during the session as well for baby to eat and that’s fine! Try and keep in mind that being flexible with feedings is so important to a successful session. Sometimes babies want a little bit more even if they have just ate to get them settled after we’ve moved them.


  1. Location- Generally I shoot newborn sessions in my studio. However, I can go for more of a lifestyle session with a few posed shots if you prefer to have them taken in your home. Shooting in the nursery is great. I just need to be sure it’s a room with a great natural light source. So push the curtains back and open up the blinds! It will also help if your home is a little warmer than usual or you have a space heater because we’ll want baby nice and warm since they will be primarily in the buff!


  1. Getting ready- Right before our session starts, I will ask that you wrap baby up in a blanket with a just a diaper on. This will help so we don’t wake baby once he or she is in a deep sleep. You can also loosen the straps on the diaper as to not leave marks on baby’s skin.


  1. Wardrobe-Mostly baby will be in the nude or in a wrap for our session. I am happy to incorporate any hats, tiebacks, headbands, tutus, etc. If you have an outfit you’d like to use, just let me know and we’ll see if it’ll work! I am also happy to incorporate any props that you have. Just show me and we’ll see what we can do!


Parent/Sibling Wardrobe

If parents or siblings are going to be in any pictures, I recommend solid colors; especially plain black tank tops/t-shirts for Mom and Dad. Think minimal. It will make baby stand out more. Feel free to email me any options and I can give you suggestions.

These are just a few tricks of the trade I’ve picked up but feel free to ask me anything to prepare! Thanks, Brandy